Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Teaching Philosophy

School ought to be a place where young minds are grown and challenged so that individuals can develop their personalities and dreams. Students deserve to work in an environment fostering learning, respect and growth. I aim to create a classroom where I can have an effect on students’ lives for good. I hope to be a positive influence in the lives of students and I believe this begins with creating a good environment for learning. I agree with the expression that it is nearly impossible to say what I will really be like as a teacher until I actually get out there and begin working in the classroom. There is a certain predetermined expectation when I enter the classroom as a practicum student or student teacher and even then, my management style is built off of that of my cooperating teacher. I do believe it is important to set goals and make plans about how to succeed. If I just wait until I arrive in the first day of class to determine my classroom management ideas I will be unprepared and chaos is likely to ensue. I hope to be able to outline my personal beliefs about management and as I move through my university experience, I will be prepared to be flexible and understanding when I actually have my own class of students.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


do you know how many children God has?

neither do I.
I read one speculation that over 100,000,000,000 people have lived on earth. and who's to say how much longer this earth will continue to be the homes of mortals, gaining their first estate.

that's a lot of kids.

but you know, somehow, He has unconditional love for each and every one. no matter where we live, what we do, or who we are. He loves us. isn't that great to know? I'm no exception. even as one of about seven billion people alive right now, I know He loves me. and everybody else too. He loves you. the way you spend your time with your brother. or the plans you have to make the world a better place. He smiles when you do something good for someone else, and reaches out His hand to lift you when you mess up. He is proud of the things you've accomplished, and He hopes you'll go to Him when you want to do even more.

so why does it get so difficult to accept the small slice of His children he sends for me to meet? sometimes, I meet people who are different than me and it's hard to see beyond those boundaries despite the truth that what really matters is that we're both children of the Most High. isn't that what matters? and everybody is going to be unique because we're specially created to be individual. if not so the world would be awfully boring and no one would ever learn anything new. and if all we ever did was spend time with people who look and act just like us, how could we learn about ourselves? 

every experience with someone new is valuable because they have something to teach me. I can't afford to waste those opportunities by shutting my eyes and turning around when I am asked to poke my head out of my comfort zone. because what really matters is that we're all His kids. 

Friday, June 8, 2012


hearts are like brand new blobs of play-do.
I started with a very nice shade and it suited me quite well. some days it grows bigger and softer. other days it dries out a little. I try to take good care of it, though. and always put the lid back on, so my heart stays mold-able and smooth.

and sometimes, an opportunity comes to exchange a piece with someone else. and our shades compliment each other! and I can hold onto that soft piece or even fold it right in with my own. and the colors swirl together, and suddenly! joy of joys. my heart becomes a new color and a little bit of someone else becomes a part of me.

every once in a while, someone steals a piece of my heart. and that squishy mold-able piece is hardly mine anymore. it's yours.

but more often, I find myself breaking off a soft corner of my play-do and handing it over. sometimes I'll go months and months (perhaps even years...) not even remembering where I left that piece. and then, I'll come across it and, oh! you have my heart with you. you didn't even know it! I secretly slipped that soft piece into a pocket right next to yours and you--completely unaware. yet all this time, you've kept it warm. oh. how, nice.

and I don't want it back. I want you to pick it up and see it and know who it belongs to. and keep it. what would I do with it? my shade of play-do is quite different then it was the summer of my sophomore year. and so is yours; I can see it. but I think our colors would be nice together and so you should keep it. what would I do with it anyway?